About us

Hello, I am Betty from Betty's Paw Store. I am dog mad and out-doors loving. I myself have two mad Sprocker Spaniels called Harvey, who is 8 and Murphy (the menace) who is 2.

I started Betty's Paw Store in 2022, when I decided to have a complete change of job and dive into an industry that I could really relate too. My goal is to bring all my favourite products that I really believe in, to one place. I believe in buying high quality, versatile products that will last for years to ensure you aren't having to spend money on new pet products when you shouldn't have too.

I have brought together a wide range of products to suit all dog owners. For example I have many products for muddy, crazy outdoor dogs, to soft gentle coats and accessorize for our smaller fur friends who aren't too keen on the idea of getting their paws dirty.

I am always re-searching the market to find new products, but also to ensure it is a product that I believe in, both in regards to the items quality and looks itself to the brands back story and beliefs.

If you ever buy a product and you are not 100% happy, please know you can request a return within 30 days for a full refund. You should always have full confidence in the products your using on and with your dogs.

A bit about me, Betty. I have two mad Sprocker Spaniels called Harvey, who is eight and Murphy (the menace) who is two. I love to spend my weekends out walking with the dogs or meeting up for food with friends (and dogs where possible). I am a perfectionist and neat freak, so you can imagine I have my work cut out with these two pups. 

The Team - Everyone one at Betty's Paw Store either has their own pet or is pet mad, to make sure they can also relate to the company brand and what we are about. They are all extremely helpful and on hand for any questions and queries you may have. Our team have a range of Pups who are all members of the Paw Promise from Daisy the Miniature Dachshund to Rex the Huntaway, this is a great help when trying our our varying range of products. 

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