Welcome to Betty's Paw Store

Welcome to Betty's Paw Store


I am Betty from Betty's Paw Store, our company is a family run business, that has recently moved premises in order to grow. We sell all things dog's and other pets, however our main interest is sourcing and selling the best Dog products on the market. As a dog mum myself I know how important quality and variety is to the customer. Over the years I have managed to expand the company to allow us to sell a large range of products that can also accommodate a wide price range. Everything we sell at Betty's Paw Store has been tested ourselves by my Fur Inspectors to ensure we can be confident in what we sell, we call this the Paw Promise.

When I started this business one of my top priorities was to only sell products that I myself would buy for my own pets and buy products that I feel are the best quality products for the best price.

Please feel free to email me with any products ideas, recommendations or opinions on products to ensure we can diversify to suit the ever growing customer base and customer satisfaction rate. Also please follow and share our page on social media to push our name further out into the Fur loving community.

I will be writing a weekly blog going forward to ensure I can keep you in the loop if your intrusted in what we have been up to as a business and as a Dog Mum in general.


Paw's & Hugs


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