Betty's Natural Treat Launch

Betty's Natural Treat Launch

Hello Everyone,

Betty's Paw Store has finally been able to launch our range of 100% Natural Treat products. This is a very important and personal thing to me and I cant wait for you to try and test our new range of products.

Dog treats have always been ruled by big companies mass producing products that will sell with fancy wrappers, shapes and flavours, however a lot of the time they are filled with the unknown nasty additives and non-natural ingredients. I have always strived to give my own dogs Harvey & Murphy the most natural products wherever possible. Obviously sometimes we have the odd non natural treat when we are out and about like most humans but where possible I try to make sure they are on the natural path.

I have tried to make a variety of products that will suit all types of dogs and price range. For me having two very different dogs has helped me to create a better understanding for the differing needs of different age / size / personality and preference of each Dog. My older dog Harvey is now 8 years young, so it is important to include plenty of Omega Oils to keep his joints supple and healthy, therefore I created the 'Fish' box which is full of a variety of fish treats from smaller fish cubes that crunch around his teeth to provide a 'teeth clean' while eating them to my Salmon and Seabass Coins and Sticks for when he is being a good boy. Murphy the Menace is almost two and a terror, he seems to destroy any treat far too quickly, therefore I have made the Beefy box, which does have smaller treats such as the coins and sausages which are perfect for training as I break them into smaller pieces for littler and often, but it also includes a Beef Tail which thank fully lasts all night and keeps him entertained. 

For newbies to the Natural Treat that are on offer I have made a selection Box both big and small to ensure if matches all budgets and it gives each dog and owner a chance to find your favourite products and flavours. These are our most popular so far, however you can then buy each treat individually and build your own treat selection. Finally we have our treat pouches all filled to the brim with a range of flavoured treats from coins, to treat bites, Cocktail Sausages and sprats. These are brilliant to keep in the house for a daily treat for good behaviour or for training and enrichment treats.

All of these products are 100% natural and grain and gluten free which means they are easy to digest, full of natural vitamins and have 0 additives. We also have a wide range of them which are hypoallergenic to suit the needs of dogs with allergy issues. We can make personalised boxes for your dog whether its because of preference, age or just a special Birthday Treat Box.

I would love to hear your feedback and any suggestions on what you would like to see in the coming weeks and months, please let us know via email @


Thank you 


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